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Product Discounts

A little can make a big difference, which is why we offer trade discounts on the products you buy the most. Use your discount however you like – whether you pass the savings onto your customer or increase your profit margin.

30 Day Pay Back Time

It can be difficult to pay for materials for a job you haven't received payment for, especially when you're self-employed or a small business. With a credit account you can spend up to your credit limit and pay up to 30 days later.

Set Up Repeat Orders

Trade account holders can set up repeat orders for monthly or bi-monthly orders, making this an ideal solution for those who regularly require their stock to be topped up. Arranging repeat orders via our trade account will also mean you benefit from discounts on these orders.

Latest Product Releases

As new products are released into the market, we do our best to source these and provide them to our customers at reasonable prices. We are regularly monitoring the industry to ensure we provide the latest products to our customers.